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How to provide exceptional care for your most valuable asset -
Every day employees bring problems with them to work, those along with crisis events in their lives, negatively affect your company.
How much do these problems and crises cost your company? Click here for details
Many employers try benefits with mixed results. Marketplace Chaplains has been proven to positively impact your most valuable resource - your employees.
An employee discusses her Chaplain Care Team - Ada and Tony
Since 1984, Marketplace Chaplains' personalized and proactive employee care service has been valued by employees and proven to positively impact your company's bottom line.
Benefits of the marketplace chaplains service
There is a reason company employees keep turning to Marketplace Chaplains rather than 800#s, Psychologists, or even their local clergy.
As seen on NBC Nightly News
We currently serve 740 companies at 3,914 service locations weekly. Let us serve you!
Know of some people in your company who need some help?
There are 5x's as many you don't know about!
Contact us today to get started.